The Big Draw

At Papouelli, Maggie and Nicole love to draw when they design our shoes.

The Big Draw is an International campaign that encourages children to get involved and draw. The campaign kicked off yesterday and runs for the month of October. Drawing helps memory, it creates calm, it boosts self-esteem, there is no question it gives everyone a voice and can change people’s lives.

Get involved, there are events all over London. Check out the link here for an event near you. Many London museums are taking part, culminating in the Big Draw Weekend on October 26th.

As part of the Big Draw, we’d like to encourage your little ones to draw a butterfly, and drop the artwork into one of our shops during October. We will create a wall of butterflies at our Marylebone shop on our fairy tale wall. We will keep you posted on our Instagram page as it takes shape. To share photos please use #thebigdraw #papouellidraw for you all to see and share.
Happy drawing, and we so look forward to seeing what your little ones fly in with. The Big Draw.